Social Responsibility
Human connections are our most treasured aspects of life. As a company, we endeavor to connect you to the artists who create your favorite garments. We strive for transparency within our production process and waste reduction in design. We have always considered sustainability and ethical practices. We know, despite our efforts, sustainability can only result in the imagination of a better future. There is always more that can be done.

Our business and Brigid’s personal philosophy center on core principles;

"I imagine my country upbringing plays a large part in this. I have always created things but largely from what I could find. Growing up in the country we never threw anything out; everything was reused, upcycled. We learned to draw and paint on reused butchers paper. We imagined castles and submarines out of old cardboard boxes, and offcuts of wood were turned into animal sculptures. There were no shops, so we created from what we had. From this I learned materials were precious; every resource should and could be reused.

The importance of sustainable and ethical practices are essential in protecting our precious natural environment, but they are also simply good business.

Our company prides itself on teamwork. We recognize the talents of Indian artisans, who hand-make the Porcelain collection, the technical expertise of our knitwear makers in China and print makers in Korea, fabric producers in Japan. We also value our local team of machinists, cutters, makers, design room team, sales team, who all deserve a fair wage for their talents. Above all, they should be recognized for their passion to create beauty and delight for my customers. 

It takes the skill of at least twelve people to produce one garment for the Brigid McLaughlin collections. Countless others through the supply chain are silent but vital contributors to each garment’s production. These talents combine to create garments of superior quality that are designed and constructed to last many years. I still wear pieces from my very first collection in 2006 and am still complimented on them.

We pride ourselves on the production of “slow fashion:” a concept of manufacture where customers are knowledgeable about the garments origin and small quantities of exceptional quality are purchased.

We produce limited edition runs to meet demand. We do not create enough excess to slash prices at the end of each season, and our loyal customers know this. Our sustainable and ethical model is only feasible with the support of likeminded customers who believe in buying less, buying quality and paying a fair price to support fair trade to those whose heritage and talent created it.”

Brigid McLaughlin,  January 2016.

We also support our local community...