Unethical conduct by Biharilal Fashions also known as BLF Mumbai Unethical conduct Indian Manufacturers

Sat 1 Dec 2018

Biharilal Fashions

Head Office

Unit No. A7 , Ist Floor

Anchor House

Ganpati Baug , TJ Road

Sewri (W)

Mumbai – 400015


Sales Office

Hovedvagtsgade 8,5 SaL, DK 1103

 Above Café Victor, Copenhagen K, Denmark


Unethical Conduct by Indian Manufacturers – BIHARILAL FASHIONS MUMBAI

I strongly warn any companies from trusting Biharilal Fashions also known as BLF Mumbai in business. This company has chosen to inflict substantial financial harm on my business in dishonoring a contract to supply goods and then stealing the deposit.

Neerah Jain of Biharilal Fashions informed me of their decision not to proceed with the contract, after the contract date had expired, to which I agreed but only if the deposit was returned immediately in January 2017. Neerah Jain repeatedly falsely told me the deposit would be repaid, it has not been repaid. Mr KK Sahoo has issued a false banking instruction designed to mislead that the funds were processing dated January 19 2017. The Indian Overseas Bank confirmed the funds were never released by Biharilal Fashions Mumbai and therefore not paid.

I have it in writing from the Financial Controller Mr Girish A. Trivedi that the funds had been paid and were processing. The financial controller a Mr Girish A. Trivedi has repeatedly provided my company with false information.

Mr Rishi Rajani the Managing Director of Biharilal Fashions has chosen not to respond to any of my communications via both email and phone. It would appear he is fully aware and condones the unethical actions of his company and its employees.

The lack of ethics within Biharilal Fashions appears to be at all levels of management.


The unethical and dishonorable actions of Biharilal Fashions and its employess was reported last year to the Apparel Export Promotion Council of India. The Vice Chairman Mr HKL Magu and Mr Mohan S Sadhwani, a member of the Executive Committee, were provided with evidence of this unethical misconduct.

Yet one year later no action has been taken against this company.

Instead the Apparel Export Promotion Council is endorsing this company on the AEPC website.

I urgently request the Apparel Export Promotion Council stop the endorsement of this unethical company Biharilal Fashions Mumbai and protect other companies from what I have experienced.

They discredit the standing of the Apparel Export Promotion Council whilst they choose to endorse unethical companies such as Biharilal Fashions Mumbai.


I have all communication with Biharilal Fashions and the Apparel Export Promotion Council,

in writing, so can provide firm evidence and all documentation as to the claims I make.


I submit this warning in the hope others are not financially damaged by the unethical operations of Biharilal Fashions.

I ask that Apparel Export Promotion Council urgently take action against this company and stop endorsement of this company on the Apparel Export Promotion Council website.




Brigid McLaughlin





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