Ethics in Business

Saturday, 10 June 2017

I am an Australian Fashion Design House, who, for nine years, has worked very successfully manufacturing garments out of India. The prime reason I manufacture out of India is that I find India’s textile history and culture so inspiring.

For nine years I have worked with several companies who have all proved themselves to be honorable and ethical, and with whom I continue to work.

Over the years many in the industry have questioned me as to why I choose to work with India, due to the many stories they have heard of dishonorable conduct by Indian Garment Exporters.
This has never been my experience until I was approached by Biharilal Fashions mid last year.

For the first time, in the past ten months, I am sincerely sorry to have experienced first-hand unethical and dishonorable behaviour by an Indian Garment Exporter; Biharilal Fashions also known as BLF Mumbai.

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