Celebrating Australian Made

Fri 27 Jan 2017
Celebrating Australian Made

We hope you all had a wonderful Australia Day.

No one needs reminding what a great country we live in, it’s impossible to miss!

But it saddens me that Australian Made product doesn’t get the limelight it deserves.

Behind the Brigid McLaughlin Collection is a team of highly skilled craftspeople and technicians who work closely with me to produce a product within Australia to a quality level that is equal  to, if not surpasses some of the biggest fashion brands in the world.

Though making in Australia is not cheap, it is the most sustainable production option, and not necessarily more expensive if you choose to buy less and wear items for longer.

Australian Made cannot exist unless you support it.

Making in Australia significantly reduces the overproduction of styles to meet offshore factory and shipping minimums. It facilities smaller runs with the option of rerunning styles as demand dictates, vastly reducing waste and oversupply of our precious natural resources.

In paying a higher price for an Australian made product from the Brigid McLaughlin Collection you are paying for exclusivity. We produce in small runs with the aim of only meeting demand. You are also helping to keep alive the skills of our industry that don’t seem to be valued anymore as the highly skilled crafts they are.

To support Australian Made we do ask our customers to pay a higher price for each piece but in the long run as long as each piece is cared for and repaired if necessary, in buying less better quality pieces I believe there are vast cost saving not only for our customers but even more importantly our environment.

I think it’s the perfect time to celebrate Australian Made.

To celebrate, for three days only when you buy two Australian Made Brigid McLaughlin pieces at full price, you are welcome to choose a third for free. The third lesser valued item will be our Australian Made gift to you.

Our offer is available at our Haberfield Store and Via Phone order until 5pm Monday the 30th of January.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Studio if you need clarification on which items are Australia Made.

It is pretty much the entire Brigid McLaughlin collection with the exclusion of knitwear and scarves.


Brigid McLaughlin

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