Chipa narsamma and Chipa anumayaa - The Handloom Ikat Artisans

Fri 29 Jan 2016
Chipa narsamma and Chipa anumayaa - The Handloom Ikat Artisans

It’s extremely important to us to know the people along our supply chain. We rely on their expertise and hard work for every Porcelain collection. We are proud to introduce Chipa narsamma and Chipa anumayaa, four of the many hands whose efforts contributed to each Handloomed Ikat Sheath:

Narsamma is delighted to know the textiles she made are being sent to Australia. It gives her a motivation to work towards protecting an age old artform, which has been passed to them through generations.

Anumayya likes to weave as it gives him financial independence and keeps him busy during the day. He wants people to know the value of Ikat and appreciate it more. He would like people to understand the difference in a machine manfactured Ikat fabric, often printed to cheaply to imitate the craft of handmade Ikat textiles. He is happy that the current fashion world is drawn towards handloom and designers are experimenting with local traditional textiles.

Narsamma and Anumayaa have two sons. They are both educated and working in a printing press. They would like their grandchildren to learn the art of Ikat weaving and continue their traditions.

Through your support, they are better able to earn a living, support their family and better their community. We believe that it’s important to preserve these beautiful heritage textile processes (more information about the process available here). In sourcing hand crafted items made with traditional handlooming techniques, we are offering a limited edition piece with traceable roots. This is the new luxury.

These unique handworked sheaths are available now.

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