The Art of Eileen - An inspiring collaboration between Brigid McLaughlin and Centenarian Eileen Kramer

Mon 11 Jul 2016
The Art of Eileen - An inspiring collaboration between Brigid McLaughlin and Centenarian Eileen Kramer

The three scarf designs were originally created in collage and pen for Eileen’s book; The Sappho Search, which was published to celebrate her centenary year. The book was inspired by one of her more recent dance works, “Fragments of Sappho,” performed by Eileen as a member of the Trillium Performing Arts Collective of Lewisburg, West Virginia.

Eileen’s design process drew inspiration from poetry and moonlight. As she explains, “I was inspired by the poems of Sappho. I created a book with photographs and drawings about fragments of her love life. A scarf after all is a fragment, it isn’t a whole dress.” 

The images below show Eileen's original artwork next to our scarves and the Brigid McLaughlin Summer 2016/17 photoshoot where Eileen modeled the scarves.

And the Moon, Cotton Voile Scarf

“And the Moon was one of Sappho’s poems about the beautiful moon that inspired me to draw an image of a beautiful face. She is looking down.”

Hesperus the Evening Star, Pure Silk Scarf

“On the island of Lesbos, I looked up and saw Hesperus the Evening Star, the sky’s brightest star. Sappho wrote about this too. I made a drawing of an evening star.”

She Weeps for Love, Linen Scarf

“At the end of my book of images about Sappho, she describes her pain of love, she says ‘I can reveal to you now that I wanted to die,’ so I made a drawing of a woman with dark hair and two little teardrops on her cheek and that drawing is called She Weeps for Love.”

Brigid has been inspired by Eileen's work for several years. She was drawn to Eileen's illustrations immediately. She tells us,
 “On my first meeting with Eileen, when I asked her to model my Summer 2016 Collection, she presented me with one of her many publications. I opened the book to find the most beautiful collages and illustrations. I instantly saw scarves, and three of these designs are the scarves you see presented now.

The appeal of Eileen’s are to me is, though her inspiration is largely historical, her interpretation is so modern. It is this same reinterpretation of the past into the new that inspires my work. I first saw Eileen on television in an advertisement for the ABC TV Compass program on her amazing life story. She captivated me from the start. Her movement, her grace and her theatricality inspired me and continue to do so.” 

Why we are so excited about this collaboration-

The Arts Health Institute brings the arts and health together to change worlds. They are a registered promotion charity, a social enterprise working to improve quality of life through the integration of the arts into all aspects of aged care and health environments.

Their Pozible Crowd Funding Campaign will offer our three scarves for pre-sale. Supporting their Pozible campaign, your purchase’s proceeds go towards The Arts Health Institute’s mission to use art and creativity to improve healthcare and wellbeing.

This campaign will only run until 12:00 on Friday 19 July. Please share the campaign far and wide! After the pre-sale Pozible campaign closes, scarves will be available in October from Brigid McLaughlin Stores and online, as well as from some of Australia's leading design stores. Contact us for full stockist details. 


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