The artisans behind iFele Sandal

Sat 24 Nov 2018

At Brigid McLaughlin, we are supporters of artisanal practices and are proud to stock items that support community initiatives. We are excited to announce that we are now stocking iFele Sandals. The sandals are a vibrant reflection of contemporary and authentic African heritage; the brand drawing inspiration from the indigenous design of the Zulu sandal. IFele has taken aspects of the Zulu sandal, traditionally known as the imbadada, and created a stylish and beautifully crafted modern adaptation.


IFele Sandals originally caught our attention with their unique design and vibrant colours however the story behind the manufacturing process has made us more eager to support this brand. The brand is committed to empowering the youth of rural Zululand through educating and teaching them the technical skills needed for manufacturing footwear. The SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) accredited programme has enabled 63 young people to train. Many of the students go on to produce the iFele sandals themselves and others being hired by other footwear companies following the completion of their training. This initiative to support local communities through maintaining tradition and preserving heritage is a reason why chose to support this wonderful brand.


This brand also prides itself in ethical sourcing of the materials used. This commitment from the brand is important given the wasteful industry habits polluting our environment. These sandals are manufactured from recycled tyre tread with some styles featuring sustainably farmed zebra as a unique touch.  







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