R.M. Williams: I took my first steps in R.M. Williams boots

R.M. Williams: I took my first steps in R.M. Williams boots

R.M. Williams is one of Australia's most iconic brands and one that is very close to my heart. I am very grateful to collaborate with the brand for the PORCELAIN Brigid McLaughlin Transeasonal Collection 2023 shoot. The timeless classic design and, above all, the quality of the product are aspirational.

From its origins as a practical workman's boot born out of the Great Depression to its now iconic fashion status, I have watched the brand closely over the years and greatly admire its trajectory while staying true to its roots.

Ankle boots by R.M. Williams in Australia

My four siblings and I learned to walk in RM Williams boots. I was the youngest of five, and I will always remember a lineup of RM Williams boots on the top shelf in our kitchen above the fireplace at Merryanbone North Warren. The boots ranged from the tiniest, maybe just a few inches long, to another four or so pairs lined up, each getting successively bigger. As our feet grew, we changed into the next size.

My mother would always say she put us in R.M. Williams boots to learn to walk because they "kept us upright."

Made in Australia since 1932, they are robust, classic, practical, and now fashionable.

Blue linen midi-length wrap dress with long sleeves and belt of the same fabric
Brown knee-length linen dress with long sleeves

All the men in my life have always worn R.M. Williams boots and continue to do so. It was not long ago that my eye would quickly focus on the feet of a gentleman, which signified he was from the country, especially when commonly paired with moleskin trousers.

Now, it makes me smile that the young hipsters of Sydney and Melbourne have discovered R.M. Williams, and by wearing the iconic boots, they have elevated the brand to its now very fashionable status. I have worn R.M. Williams boots on and off over the years. My black Cuban heels, which adorned my feet throughout the black stage of my twenties, now look a bit too worn, but I cannot bear to part with them as they feel like old friends. It's time for a new pair this season.

Just this week, we had a customer in-store purchasing our Double Ikat Tiered Maxi Skirt, and she declared that she will be wearing it with her R.M’s.

Brown linen sleeveless, tiered dress with ruffles at neckline

Special thanks to Kirsty McKenzie for putting me in touch with the R.M. Williams marketing team this season. Thank you to Bree Salzmann and the Macquarie Centre Retail team for allowing and facilitating the collaboration.

I am very passionate about collaborating with brands that share the values of slow design and production: artisanal, sustainable, ethical, and Australian.

Brown linen tiered dress and R.M Williams ankle boots
Blue linen top with boat neckline and long sleeves and Blue linen cropped pants with frayed detail and belt of the same fabric
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