Selvedge Love - Behind our Porcelain Resort 2022 "100% Pure Linen" Stripe

Selvedge Love - Behind our Porcelain Resort 2022 "100% Pure Linen" Stripe

Good quality linen and wool fabrics often have an intricately woven 100% PURE LINEN or 100% PURE WOOL text woven into the selvedge of the fabrics confirming their fibre content. Sometimes for wools they even note where the fabric is made. The selvedges of fabrics are often my favourite feature, however, sadly, they can be hard to utilise and are most often discarded without a second thought.

For the Porcelain Resort 2022 Collection we have taken the selvedge text stripe and placed it centre stage. We have taken the selvedge stripe including its text reading “100% Pure Linen” and run it as a double stripe across the fabric. Externally it looks like a Jacquard textured double stripe however internally the 100% Linen text can be read hinting to the original origin of the selvedge stripe.

This was a very specialised fabric concept to be developed. Our usual linen mill could not develop this but helped us find a mill who could. The production order could only be produced on a single machine so it took considerable time to produce. Special thanks to our team in India who took the time to source and develop the exclusive design. And special thanks to the mill in India who had the skill to produce this unique fabric for us

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